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Budget-Friendly Solutions for Property Managers from Luxer One

Posted by Luxer One
on Jul 10, 2024 1:01:39 PM

Budget-Friendly Solutions for Property Managers From Luxer One


Budget season is quickly upon us and as an industry leader, Luxer One understands the challenges of balancing quality improvements with financial constraints. We are committed to providing innovative solutions that fit seamlessly into your budget. Ensuring your property remains competitive and attractive to residents is a priority and we offer top-class amenities without straining your financial resources.

Flexible Billing Plans for Property Managers

Every property has unique financial requirements, so why shouldn’t there be individualized billing plans? Luxer One offers a variety of flexible billing plans tailored to suit your specific revenue needs.


Our goal is to provide property managers like you with the best possible plan, ensuring you get the most out of your investment. We’ve designed affordable solutions without compromising on quality or service. Luxer One’s billing plans improve system utilization and can generate revenue for your property.


Luxer as a Service

Luxer as a Service is your zero up-front cost, hassle-free solution to package management! This plan allows your property to offer package management services, make money back on your investment, and increase your Net Operating Income (NOI). 


Drive recurring revenue and increase your property value when you choose Luxer as a Service. The lockers pay for themselves. Learn how to make Luxer Lockers work for you and generate revenue with our new plans when you contact us today.


Encourage Faster Package Retrieval

We know satisfied residents means high retention rates and steady income for your property. Maintaining an organized and efficient package delivery system is an important aspect of resident satisfaction.

In fact, according to the 2024 renter study by NMHC, 67% of residents expect 24/7 secure self-serve package pick up to be available at their property. Of these residents, 70% prefer package lockers over other retrieval methods. 

Luxer Lockers and Rooms are amazing solutions and with them come even more ways to ensure successful and efficient deliveries. Luxer One’s standardized storage fee plan has proven to motivate residents to pick up their packages more promptly, resulting in an average 20% reduction in package dwell time. Residents are happy and you have an additional revenue stream.


Generate Revenue and Enhance Services

Many properties take advantage of our billing options by implementing a nominal monthly usage fee to residents. This small fee helps offset the cost of package management and can be reinvested into your property to fund one of our premium services such as Luxer Liaison. 

These are just a few budget-friendly options Luxer One offers. Connect with us today to explore these and other options further to meet your properties needs.

Generate additional revenue and elevate the level of service you can offer to your residents today by scheduling a meeting with our Resident Billing Expert, Shella Carter!


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Written by Luxer One