How One Insurance Company Eliminated Their Mailroom And Fixed Their Package Problem

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on Sep 30, 2019 9:39:39 AM

For a company to be successful, it needs to find ways to save time and money and use those resources to grow their business. Many businesses receive important packages or hard copy files on a regular basis and need an efficient way to manage and locate these assets. Insurance companies, for example, receive stacks of vital (and sometimes irreplaceable) paperwork from clients daily. They also need to send out paperwork for hard signatures. Without a mailroom and corresponding staff in place to manage this, it can be difficult to sort through this paperwork and make sure nothing gets lots. This can result in hours of lost time or even lost files. 


One company in particular, a top insurance company in Canada, experienced these issues and desperately needed a solution. They approached our team at Luxer One, and we solved their most pressing accountability and document-tracking problems. Together, we were able to future-proof their business from future growing pains. In this case study, we interviewed a company representative about their experience implementing Luxer One and the impact it has had on their daily business. 


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The Problem


When one of Canada’s top insurance companies eliminated their mailroom, package management got complicated. They digitized as much as they could, but their business requires sending and receiving stacks of important physical paperwork. Employees had to search through disorganized piles of mail to find deliveries and juggle outbound mail for couriers.




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The company needed a solution that would simplify this time-consuming and frustrating process. They explored multiple smart locker options and decided that Luxer One was the best fit for their unique needs.


After a series of rigorous security tests, the company installed a Luxer Locker system for inbound & outbound parcel handling. Today, mail carriers use the lockers to shuttle dozens of case files, signed documents, packages, and more between their many buildings throughout Toronto.


The company’s experience with Luxer One has exceeded their expectations. Many of their employees frequently work offsite and love knowing that their mail is secure until they return, with video records of the chain of possession. Besides this peace of mind, employees are genuinely excited to use the lockers on a daily basis. Far from the days of digging through mail piles, it’s common to hear employees say, “I can’t wait until I get to pick up a package!”


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Luxer One provides smart locker solutions for office. Want to learn how we can help you manage your package problems? Reach out to a member of our team here


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