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Unlock Efficiency & Security: Newest, Innovative Solutions for Property Managers From Luxer One

Posted by Luxer One
on Jul 2, 2024 4:30:00 AM

Unlock Efficiency & Security: Newest, Innovative Solutions for Property Managers From Luxer One


As online shopping increases, property managers are seeking more efficient ways to manage package deliveries to meet the demand for convenience. With over 15 years in the locker business, Luxer One has successfully managed millions of package deliveries across industries. We strive to relentlessly improve our systems and processes to exceed expectations through regularly analyzing customer feedback. Luxer One’s Smart Lockers and Liaison Services are game-changers in package management.


Newest Property Management Solutions:

Revamped Resident Mobile App

Welcome to a smarter era in package delivery management with the revamped Luxer One Mobile App! A satisfied resident means a satisfied property manager.


The Luxer One Mobile App aims to bring easy solutions straight to the residents fingertips. The app enhances the resident experience with features like vacation settings and 24/7 customer service support. Residents can also chat directly within the app, making package management convenient and user-friendly.


The revamped Luxer One Mobile App featuring Luxi your personalized chat bot


Premier Service Solution for High-Volume Properties

Introducing our White-Glove Package Service: Luxer Liaison. With Luxer Liaison, we offer additional hands-on support at the property level. This service handles every package with the utmost care and attention. When used with Luxer One's Smart Lockers, Liaison services improve resident service and ensure successful package deliveries.




Flexible Billing Plans to Boost NOI

Our flexible billing plans make it easy for properties to integrate Luxer One Smart Lockers into their operations. These plans help properties offer package management services, make money back on their investment, and increase their Net Operating Income (NOI). Learn how to make Luxer Lockers work for you and generate revenue with our new plans when you contact us today.


New Luxer One Solution Launching Soon

As Q4 begins to come into focus, we know that so does an avalanche of holiday packages. While Luxer Lockers are already an amazing solution for your properties, this influx of deliveries may push properties that are already operating at 80% capacity or more to their limit. 


Anticipating these needs, we're excited to introduce a brand new flexible package management solution that empowers property managers to seamlessly expand their delivery capabilities with temporary locker extensions during high-demand seasons. You can expect this new solution to launch the second week of July!


Innovation is in our DNA here at Luxer One and our aim is to continuously improve the way your property receives goods to in-turn increase your resident retention!


Customer feedback from the EVP of Operations at Wood Partners on how Luxer One seeks to address the customers' needs first



More From Luxer One:

As a leader in the package management industry, Luxer One has been continuously integrating the best and newest solutions. Proudly made in North America with top-notch materials, our lockers are designed to streamline your operations and enhance resident satisfaction.



Top 5 features of the Luxer One products that product managers love like multi-package deliveries, OCR Ai technology, local territory managers, proprietary property dashboard, and american-made products


Ready to revolutionize your property’s package management? Start using the Luxer One Smart Lockers and Liaison services today. Contact us to learn more and schedule your installation using the link below. 


Experience the future of package management with Luxer One. Our high-quality, innovative solutions and exceptional support combine to provide the best option for any community. Join the growing number of properties nationwide that trust Luxer One to deliver excellence every day.




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Written by Luxer One