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[RETHINK Retail] How to bring online shoppers into your brick and mortar store

Posted by Luxer One
on Aug 9, 2019 2:08:10 PM

In this interview with RETHINK Retail, Luxer One's Director of Communications, Melody Akhtari, discusses smart locker solutions for retail stores. Buy online pick up in store, or BOPIS, is the latest concept for retail stores to adapt to the ecommerce boom and keep customers coming to stores. 


Luxer One is live in over 1300 retail locations throughout the US and Canada – more than any other locker company. With our lockers in place, one major retailer reported customer satisfaction scores raised from 65% to 95%. This is the best way to adapt to the future of retail. 


Watch the video below, or read on for a full transcript.


Luxer One provides smart locker solutions for retail. Want to learn more? Reach out to a member of our team here



Luxer One is the leader in smart locker technology. Our mission is to improve how the world receives goods and parcels. Omni-channel retailers have been working with us at Luxer One, and we're in over 1,100 stores in the US and Canada for online order pickup lockers.


Essentially there are smart lockers where store associates can stage any online order for pickup and customers can just come into the store, go straight to the lockers, pick up their item and and go on their merry way. They don't have to stand in line, they don't have to wait. It takes what used to be an on average six-and-a-half minute process and turns it into about 15 to 20 seconds for a quick order pickup. That way the retailer can save the experience for what really matters and provide a really excellent in-store experience in other ways.


Our smart lockers are really able to do a lot of different things - online order pickup is really the most obvious way to use the system right now but returns, delivery, direct from store to home using third-party delivery services - there's a lot that you can do with this type of hardware and software combination. Ultimately it's offering security for goods and then convenience for pickup so we can apply that model to a lot of different ways.


[Showing demo] This is the process for a store associate staging an order to the lockers. First they take their piece of merchandise that they've already attached the pick ticket to and then they come up to the lockers and type in their employee ID number to make deliveries. They don't have to memorize anything new we can use the existing employee ID numbers that you're using in store. Then they'll come in and scan the pick ticket and then they'll select the locker size that works for that piece of merchandise, so in this case we're gonna pick a small locker but they can also input medium, large or extra-large lockers depending on the merchandise.


That's going to pop open, and just stage the order in there and then the store associate can choose to make another delivery and not have to input their code again or they can hit exit and then this order has been staged super fast. Meanwhile your customer is getting an email notification as usual saying your online order is ready for pickup. The email comes from the retail store but now it tells them to go to the lockers in the store and it gives them a barcode to pick up their order instead of waiting in line at the service desk.


They'll come in to the store, go straight to the lockers and then they'll begin and just scan their code and that's it. They sign for it and then the compartment with their hoarder will open right up.

Luxer One provides smart locker solutions for retail. Want to learn more? Reach out to a member of our team here


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Written by Luxer One