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ROI of Order Pickup Smart Lockers at Big Box Retailer

Posted by Luxer One
on Oct 21, 2020 12:08:22 PM

A significant percentage of today’s would-be retail customers are reluctant to go to their favorite store due

to the COVID-19 pandemic. But many of America’s savviest retailers are adapting by deploying smart

lockers, a new tool providing the security of contact-free pick-up and an enhanced financial forecast.


These modular lockers are the latest innovation in the buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS) business

model, offering retail customers comfortable and convenient 24-hour, no-contact, self-service retrieval

and return access using superior technology.

“Smart lockers benefit both the customer and the retailer,” say Arik Levy, Founder and CEO of Luxer
One, a pioneer in the smart locker industry. “For the customer, it means fast, safe and secure pick-up and return processes that can be done without contact. For the retailer, smart lockers pave the way to a better bottom line due to reduced labor costs; and the technological upgrade allows them to compete in a similar arena with online giants like Amazon.


Cost Savings of $.90


A new commissioned study by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Luxer One, conducted on one the country’s largest home improvement retailer, confirms the cost-benefits of a smart locker system. The Total Economic Impact (TEI) study reveals store-based lockers are directly responsible for a total internal labor savings of $57.6 million. That is $.90 cost savings per order based on a $15/hour wage.




The study also indicates these lockers have a positive impact upon customer satisfaction in multiple ways. First, locker users are five percent happier than their counterparts forced to stand in line at a customer service desk. Second, the mere presence of these lockers improves a store’s image with all customers.  Happier customers are likely to spend more, and Forrester Consulting data estimates the retailer studied will enjoy an additional $14 million due directly to this increase in customer satisfaction

Reach out to us to see how we’ve helped over 1,400 retail locations with their order pickups.  To download an infographic on the study’s findings, please complete the form:



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Written by Luxer One