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Best Practices to Navigate Package Chaos

Posted by Luxer One
on Sep 15, 2022 11:15:40 AM


Your luxury multi-family building tenants expect the highest standards of care when it comes to package deliveries. The convenience of packages being delivered directly to the building is marred when mishandling or theft occurs. If you don’t already have a package management system on your property, consider the following best practices to ensure the security of your tenants’ packages.

1. Become Familiar With Carriers

Package thieves prey on property managers that are too overwhelmed to keep track of carrier names and routes. Foil their strategy by memorizing carrier names and faces, and learning their delivery schedules.


2. Enact a Package Acceptance Process

Educate the reception staff as to the package acceptance process; whether you want packages to be signed for, and where they should be delivered and stored for pickup by the recipient.


3. Notify Residents

Residents should be notified within a certain timeframe that they have a package for pickup. If there is no response, follow-up notifications are needed.


4. Hire Dedicated Package Handling Staff

Hire a group of employees that are tasked with managing all aspects of package acceptance, handling, and tenant notifications.


5. Install Video Surveillance

Law enforcement recommends that video surveillance is a deterrent for opportunistic package thieves. Cameras should cover all entry and exit points, the lobby, and the elevators and stairs.


6. Make Special Rush Period Arrangements

During the holiday season, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday sales, the rush of package deliveries is likely to be quadrupled in your multifamily building. Special arrangements should be made to efficiently handle the increased influx of packages.


7. Consider How to Handle Food Deliveries

Food deliveries, especially around the holidays, are likely to put a wrench in your efforts at package management. Perishables can go bad, odors can emanate from containers and they may even leak. Special arrangements need to be made for food deliveries.


8. Re-Direct Leasing Agent Duties

Unfortunately, you may need to ask your leasing agents to add to their scope of work so they can manage package deliveries on top of their other duties. While seasoned leasing agents may balk at the extra load, someone does need to do it.


9. Managing Time-Sensitive Deliveries

A big challenge will be managing time-sensitive deliveries. If you have one person manning the front desk, how are they to deliver urgent medication or other time-sensitive packages to the tenants who need them? This is another reason why a dedicated team should be hired to navigate the package chaos at multifamily properties.


For luxury building property owners, all these best practices may seem a little too much to handle. Thankfully, there is a package management system that you can have installed on your multifamily property that allows you to avoid all this effort. Luxer One is the future of package management, saving you time, labor costs and other expenses while resolving package handling chaos. The Luxer One package lockers are sleek, secure, and convenient for your building staff as well as your multifamily building residents. Contact us today to get a no-obligation quote.

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Written by Luxer One