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Fun and Festive Holiday Ideas for Property Managers [Part 1: Decorations]

Posted by Luxer One
on Dec 15, 2016 5:54:08 PM

The holiday season is a perfect time to strengthen the bonds of your community with a bit of festive cheer!


Creating the right ambiance is a simple way to put your residents in high spirits. Set the holiday mood with the sights, smells, and tastes of the season. 


So, how do you create those warm, fuzzy feelings?




1. Deck the Halls

  • Play into your apartment’s “image”. How do you want your residents to perceive your property? You can go for a polished, professional look, or a cozy, “homey” feel. If you’re going for “homey”, encourage staff and residents to contribute (or even make!) holiday decorations.

  • Holiday lights are a simple way to make an apartment complex look beautiful. Use small white bulbs to add an elegant touch to your decorations.

  • Wreaths and poinsettia plants are a classic way to decorate. Tinsel is lovely, but be wary; it’s a challenge to clean up, and your residents may not enjoy leaving with sparkling plastic stuck to them.

  • Go for the Winter Wonderland look: Use white and silver colors to create an elegant and non-denominational ode to the winter season.

  • To tree or not to tree? Nothing beats the smell of a real, fresh Christmas pine. If you have the ability and motivation to keep a real tree looking cleaned up, healthy, and proud, then a genuine pine tree adds a certain special something to your apartment complex. However, a realistic-looking artificial tree is significantly more convenient and practical than a real one. If you have the storage space, it’s a one-time investment you can bring back out every year.

  • Don’t forget about Hanukkah and Kwanzaa! Holiday decorations often focus on Christmas, but get to know your residents, and see what kind of decorations they might appreciate. 


PIne wreath on front door.

2. The Smell of Winter in the Air

Even if you don’t put a real tree in your office, the scents of the season can evoke a cozy, comfortable feeling in your staff and your residents. Use pine or cinnamon scented potpourri for a simple way to put everyone in a happy, holiday mood.

3. Seasonal Snacks & Sugar-Plum Fairies

Food always gives your residents’ moods a little boost (especially if your complex caters to college students). 

If you usually have snacks in the office – or even if you don’t – take the opportunity to put a holiday twist on the treats:

Instead of coffee, offer hot chocolate or apple cider.

Instead of popcorn or chips, put out candy canes, peppermint squares, gingerbread cookies, or Hanukkah gelt.


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Written by Luxer One