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How Luxer One Beats Competitors With Unparalleled Customer Service

Posted by Luxer One
on Oct 8, 2019 9:55:26 AM

At Luxer One, we're laser-focused on our customers. We strive to respond rapidly and deliver our product as quickly as possible. Many folks may shop around before deciding to partner with Luxer One, and some even buy into another company before making the switch. Unfortunately, a hasty purchase decision can end up costing customers more money in the long term when they find their needs aren't being fully met.


One property owner in particular experienced a handful of issues with another locker company and decided to look elsewhere. He reached out to our team at Luxer One, and had a much more positive experience. In this case study, we interviewed Los Angeles-based Craig Tomita about the process of implementing Luxer One and the impact that excellent customer service had in his experience. 


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Unparalleled Customer Service


When brothers Craig and Neal Tomita inherited their parents’ West Los Angeles plot of land, they vowed to make it a nice place for people to live. In 2018, they broke ground on what would become a Class-A apartment building in the heart of the trendy neighborhood of Mar Vista. Today, the community boasts well-appointed units, keyless entry, EV charging stations, and Luxer One lockers for package delivery.


Craig had first approached a Luxer One competitor to supply his community’s package lockers. But after multiple unanswered calls and emails, he didn’t feel valued as a prospective customer. “They acted as if they were doing me a favor by even responding,” he laments. “After getting strung along by this massive company that had no interest in serving my needs, I was so glad when my general contractor told me about his experience using Luxer One.”


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After Craig reached out to Luxer One, he received a response in under 30 minutes and ordered his preferred system within two weeks. “It was such a stark difference. I felt like Luxer One's most important customer at every step of the journey, from proposal to install to launch,” says Craig. Luxer One’s goal has always been to provide superior levels of customer support on the way to 100% package acceptance. The Tomita brothers’ experience was nothing short of Luxer One’s promise to its properties, residents, and carriers.


Above all, the Tomita brothers were committed to honoring their parents’ wish that they use the property to foster a sense of community for generations to come. They inscribed this commitment on-site with a plaque that reads: “One generation plants the tree. Another gets the shade.”


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Luxer One provides smart locker solutions for multifamily. Want to learn how we can help you manage your package problems? Reach out to a member of our team here


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Written by Luxer One