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Luxer One: Secure Electronic Locker Solutions for Busy Architects

Posted by Luxer One
on Mar 10, 2022 7:00:00 AM

Additions to your architectural design typically demand additional time, effort, and adjustment to fit into your overall project vision. Luxer One knows that your attention and expertise are best used for cohesive planning, rather than tinkering with amenity additions. That’s why we’ve made it easy to add our customizable lockers to your plans in the file formats you already use, increasing ease and turnaround time for implementation.


Electronic Lockers That Truly Fit

A unique project calls for a unique solution, whether you’re searching for a one-off storage and amenity concept, or something customized and scalable across multiple properties. Luxer One lockers can be mixed, matched, and expanded to fit your space, and the data and visualization you need is only a click away. On our site, you’ll find:

  • Architect-Friendly Files: Revit, CAD, CSI 3-Part Spec PDFs, and more.
  • A full catalog of all of our available locker styles and configurations.
  • Indoor, outdoor, and hybrid-use designs that fit in perfectly with any project.

With everything readily available from our site, there's no need to delay your project - just browse, quickly find the design files you need, and you'll be ready for presentation in no time.


Why Choose Luxer One Lockers?

For private parcel delivery, mail, secure storage, and product retrieval, Luxer One UL-certified lockers give your architectural business clients complete peace of mind. Whether they’re used by multi-unit property residents, business tenants, or others, these lockers offer unprecedented ADA compliance, tracking, security, and protection for any package. Durable 12-gauge steel, powder-coated for additional longevity, ensures these electronically-controlled lockers perform reliably and remain an attractive asset for years to come.

The quality of the amenities you incorporate into your architectural plans directly affects client perception. If you’ve been searching for an architect-friendly locker manufacturer, Luxer One is ready to be your partner for secure, impressive storage solutions in your next property plan.

To discover how Luxer One can enhance your project designs, visit our architect-friendly locker information page for files, product information, and more!

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Written by Luxer One