Residents want Gyms, Lockers, Pools…oh my!

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on Feb 23, 2023 11:56:56 AM

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Apartment living continues to be a popular choice for individuals looking for a convenient and community-driven lifestyle. To attract and retain residents, it’s important for apartment communities to understand the amenities that residents want. The National Multi Housing Council (NMHC) 2023 Renters Report provides valuable insights into this topic. In this blog post, we’ll explore the best amenities that residents want, including package management systems, based on the NMHC 2023 Renters Report.

  1. Fitness Centers: According to the NMHC 2023 Renters Report, fitness centers are a top priority for many residents. The convenience of a gym within their apartment community allows residents to easily maintain their fitness routine without the hassle of leaving the building.

  2. Package Management Systems: The increasing number of residents shopping online has led to a growing challenge in package management, as noted in the NMHC 2023 Renters Report. A package management system is a must-have amenity that provides residents with a secure and convenient place to pick up their packages.

  3. Swimming Pools: Swimming pools remain a classic and popular amenity, as confirmed by the NMHC 2023 Renters Report. Residents appreciate the opportunity to relax poolside and enjoy the sun during the summer months.

  4. Community Spaces: Community spaces such as lounge areas, outdoor patios, and community kitchens are highly valued by residents, according to the NMHC 2023 Renters Report. These spaces provide residents with a place to connect with their neighbors, make new friends, and participate in social events or quiet downtime.

  5. Pet-Friendly Features: Pet owners make up a significant portion of the rental market, and the NMHC 2023 Renters Report highlights the high demand for pet-friendly amenities. From dog parks to pet grooming stations, apartment communities that offer pet-friendly features will be well received by pet owners.

NMHC 2023 Renters Report provides valuable insights into the amenities that residents want in apartment communities. From fitness centers and swimming pools to community spaces and package management systems, offering these amenities can lead to happy and satisfied residents. Stay ahead of the curve by offering the best amenities and attract residents to your community!


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