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Envoy Webinar -Maximize Office Space and Streamline Package Management

Posted by Luxer One
on Feb 27, 2023 8:00:00 AM

Envoy Webinar Blog


Luxer One recently participated in a webinar hosted by Envoy, a provider of workplace solutions for modern offices, partnering with technology experts from Embrava and Butlr.. The webinar was focused on helping companies get the most from their office space and discussed a range of topics, including smart lockers, efficient office layouts, and technology solutions for the modern workplace.


One of the key highlights of the webinar was Luxer One's contribution to the discussion on smart lockers. Our team discussed the importance of smart lockers in the modern office, and how they can help companies manage the influx of packages that often comes with employees returning to the office. With real-time notifications, secure access control, and a user-friendly design, Luxer One lockers provide employees with a convenient and secure place to store their packages and personal belongings. We also shared some of the key features of our lockers including compatibility with any HID employee card, making it easy for employees to access their packages and personal belongings with just a simple swipe of their card.


With so many companies focusing on making the most of their office space, it's crucial to have an efficient layout that maximizes productivity and encourages collaboration. The Envoy team discussed how they are helping companies create efficient and functional office spaces, and how this can help to improve employee engagement and satisfaction.



The team from Embrava discussed the importance of workplace technology solutions that improve employee engagement and productivity. They highlighted the Embrava Blynclight, a unique productivity device that can help employees stay focused and avoid interruptions. The Blynclight integrates with a range of collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Slack, and it can be customized to match specific office environments and workflows.


Butlr, a provider of visitor management and analytics software, discussed how their platform can help companies optimize office space and improve employee experiences. Their technology solutions provide real-time insights into office usage patterns, helping companies to make informed decisions about office design and layout.


This webinar was a valuable opportunity for Luxer One to share our expertise on smart lockers and to learn from other technology experts who provide unique insight and perspective on the challenges modern workplaces face, and how technology can be used to address these challenges.


At a time when so many companies are rethinking their office space and trying to create more efficient and productive work environments, the insights shared during this webinar were more valuable than ever. We look forward to seeing how companies will put these technology solutions into practice and continue to improve their office environments for years to come.


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Topics: Package Management, FirstLookOffice, Office, Asset Exchange

Written by Luxer One