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From curbside to contactless – Rethinking the public library experience for COVID safety and customer convenience.

Posted by Luxer One
on Feb 11, 2021 6:32:38 PM

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For many families, the public library has provided a reliable source of reading materials, research and study tools, and entertainment media that are conveniently available for borrowing and enjoying at home. The ease of visiting your local public library, searching the available catalog via computer, or simply perusing is a comfort many have been forced to forgo amidst concerns brought about because of the coronavirus pandemic.


Many libraries have even closed public areas completely as a result of COVID safety concerns, choosing instead to promote the use of online catalogs to place book holds, enabling readers to come by and go through a process of curbside pickup.


While safer than previous methods, this incremental approach increases the risk of
bottlenecks during busy hours, with many cars potentially waiting at once. What’s more,
families with limited free time and increased safety concerns may look at
curbside book delivery as being more trouble than it is worth.

Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 12.44.56 PM


"Families with limited free time and increased safety concerns may look at curbside book delivery as being more trouble than it is worth."


Waiting in crowded parking lots or hurrying to get to the library before closing time to pick up a delivery that still requires interaction with a public employee might lead to more stress and safety concerns than patrons are willing to risk.


As a result, many public library systems have been considering alternative approaches to streamline and simplify day-to-day process. One such innovation would be the use of smart locker systems.


"The next evolution in customer convenience is provided by modular smart library lockers from Luxer One, offering a safe and customized no-contact, self-service pickup and return system."


Utilizing a secure connection that is managed via smartphone, these durable systems provide an intuitive user experience that can be accessed 24 hours a day, meaning book holds could be picked up on everyone’s schedule.


Designed with internal hinges and integrated video surveillance, Luxer One’s secure and tamper-proof smart locker systems could provide the answer public library systems have been seeking as they look to evolve their operations to meet the needs of their customers.

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For more information on how Smart Library Locker systems can help

your organization, feel free to contact our team today!

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Written by Luxer One