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Delta Variant Reveals Offsite Package Delivery Service Shortcomings

Posted by Luxer One
on Oct 21, 2021 7:30:00 AM

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Despite a global effort to protect people from the risks of COVID-19 through social distancing, safety and cleaning protocols, masking, and vaccinations – many dangers still exist. This risk has only increased with the rise of the Delta Variant

According to CDC reporting, The Delta Variant is estimated to be up to 80% more infectious than the original alpha strain, and now accounts for more than 99% of known cases in the United States. This increased risk has resulted in renewed fears for individuals, families, and businesses alike.


Many companies who were preparing to implement return to work initiatives are now choosing to postpone those plans in the face of these new developments. While many companies have found that many employees actually prefer a hybrid approach to traditional in-office activities, the potential extension of lockdown due to fears surrounding the Delta Variant means that service-based industries who have remained active throughout the pandemic will now be required to continue to provide the remote workforce with the deliveries and personalized services they require.


This additional demand also comes with the expectation that the services offered will be delivered on time, and with care. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.


For example – some apartment complex managers have partnered with offsite package delivery vendors. These companies are designed to serve as intermediaries between local mail carriers and apartment managers to oversee your deliveries. They receive items from local carriers, store them, and coordinate delivery schedules with residents. The idea is to function much like a corporate mailroom, except for renters.


Despite the promises of flexibility, the reality has proven to be far less reliable. And with the lingering labor shortage and rise of delta variant concerns, it’s likely the problems and growing number of complaints from customers statswill only increase. The pandemic shutdown has created a customer base that has become all too familiar with the frustrations that come when deliveries fail to arrive on time, or even at all.


The pandemic shutdown has created a customer base that has become all too familiar with the frustrations that come when deliveries fail to arrive on time, or even at all. Worse yet, packages can arrive damaged, incomplete, or incorrect. This frustration can be doubled when these errors are matched with ineffective or even non-existent avenues for customer service. 


But perhaps most concerning of all, in a world still struggling with the pandemic and the increased risk from the Delta Variant – the strategy employed by offsite delivery companies to hand-off of packages directly to recipients in a way clashes with the customer’s desires for contactless delivery that retailers and shippers have implemented to keep the community protected from infection!


Smart Lockers from Luxer One have already proven to be an effective way to provide secure and personalized package delivery for multi-family apartment complexes. With over 15 years of experience providing quality package lockers for residences, businesses, and educational campuses across the country – our ability to provide a safe, contactless way for residents to receive their packages has been proven.


Instead of being re-routed by an inefficient offsite package delivery service - your local carrier will deliver your package directly to a Luxer One locker at your apartment complex. There are even available options such as Luxer Fridge package lockers that retain the freshness of food items such as meal kit deliveries and other items like perishables prescription drugs (which most offsite package delivery services are unable to accept or store).


Once delivered, the integrated system sends the resident an email or text notification with a unique one-time code (OTC).  Now, instead of waiting on your offsite service to be open or available, users can simply go to the Luxer One Smart Lockers at your residence, type in the OTC on the touchscreen panel and the locker automatically opens to reveal your package! If you should face any issues, simply contact our helpline staff, who are available 24 hours a day to assist you!


Most importantly, this contactless delivery strategy helps reduce the risk of personal contact with your packages, offering peace of mind for apartment residents concerned about the growing threat from the Delta Variant.


For more information on how Smart Locker systems can help your organization, feel free to contact our team today!

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Written by Luxer One