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The Luxer One Innovation Blog – Your Package Locker Trends Destination!

Posted by Luxer One
on Nov 14, 2016 9:33:45 AM

Hello and welcome to the Luxer One Innovation Blog! Our goal is to help you find the latest and greatest resources for innovating in the multifamily industry. We’re here to bring you insight into the latest technology, trends, and best practices, so your property can stand out and shine.

Luxer One’s mission is to solve 100% of the package problem.

A woman removes a large package from a floor-length locker at the end of a wall of small to large black lockers.


We do that through our proprietary software, hardware, and 11 years of experience improving delivery for the multifamily industry.


But when you dig into our mission statement, at its core it means that we’re here to make your life easier with solutions that work—because if you manage or own a residential property, you live a balancing act of keeping residents happy and making operations flow smoothly. It takes constant effort to maintain a wonderful place to live while keeping up with the competition and keeping an eye on your bottom line.


If you’ve ever wondered…

“How can I make ancillary income off my amenities?”

“So many changes. How do I future-proof my property?”

“Which millennial trends should I be adopting?”

“What are some easy things I can do to improve resident morale?”

…then subscribe to this Innovation blog!


Our Multifamily Beginnings:

Luxer One’s story begins with its sister company, Laundry Locker. Founded by our CEO Arik Levy in 2005, Laundry Locker now operates San Francisco’s largest dry cleaner and runs dry cleaning delivery lockers in over 300 multifamily properties. Residents simply drop off their clothes at the lockers on-site at their apartment and place an order for pick-up in the Laundry Locker app. The next day, their clean clothes are delivered and they’re notified to retrieve them from the lockers whenever they want.

A Package Delivery System is Born:

During a visit to a Laundry Locker property in 2013, Arik noticed the property’s staff had become overburdened by packages ordered by residents. He realized that he could solve that problem by drawing on his experience with lockers, delivery, and servicing multifamily residences. Together with a team of engineers and designers, Arik created Luxer One, which has grown into the #1 solution to package management for apartment communities. With package lockers, automated package rooms, and more, Luxer One offers a package management solution for properties of every shape and size.


Curious how it works? Meet a member of our team today.

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