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"Expecting the Unexpected": Practical Insights into Winterization for Apartment Communities

Posted by Luxer One
on Dec 15, 2023 12:43:09 PM



In our ongoing efforts to stay up to date on property management practices, we recently came upon an informative blog post by Diana Mosher, dated December 6, 2023. The post dissects the aftermath of Winter Storm Uri in February 2021 and its consequential impact on the multifamily housing sector's winterization protocols.

Mosher's piece features insights from industry experts like Paul Rhodes, Senior Manager of Maintenance Learning at Brookfield Properties, and Donje Putnam, Director of Marketing and Training at Senex Law, PC. Their practical experiences, as shared in Mosher's post, provide a straightforward guide for property managers navigating the challenges presented by plummeting temperatures.


Year Around Planning:

In echoing the sentiments shared by Paul Rhodes, Senior Manager of Maintenance Learning at Brookfield Properties, the year-round planning approach becomes paramount. Rhodes stresses the initiation of the winterization process in spring, a sentiment captured in his words:


"That will help in six to seven months when you have to winterize again." Early planning extends to securing necessary supplies, as Rhodes advises: "You can take advantage of off-season pricing in the same way that you buy your winter coat in the summer."


Lines of Communication:

Addressing the challenges of high employee turnover rates, Rhodes underscores the importance of meticulous record-keeping:


"Not all the people winterizing the property one year will be there the following year."

RPM Living's proactive checklist approach is highlighted, emphasizing the significance of preparation:


"Preparation should always be ongoing because if you’re waiting for the season, that’s the worst time to find something faulty or not working." - Tami Fossum


Expect the Unexpected:

Regular property inspections throughout the year are crucial, as Rhodes recommends:

"Consult your landscaper. They will be a good resource."


In the realm of involving residents, Fossum's insights on communication during freeze warnings are noted: "We send a letter to residents when there’s a freeze warning in the market."




Involving Residents
In emphasizing residents' role in winterization, Fossum's approach to preventive measures is quoted:

"We ask residents to keep their thermostats set no lower than 55."


The blog post by Diana Mosher and the wisdom shared by industry experts underscore the evolution in winterization strategies, urging property managers to foster proactive measures, meticulous planning, and continuous communication. As Winter Storm Uri remains etched in memory, the proactive stance is not just a reaction to past events but a strategic imperative for safeguarding apartment communities in the face of unpredictable winter challenges.




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Written by Luxer One