From curbside to contactless – Rethinking the public library experience for COVID safety and customer convenience.

Posted by Luxer One
on Feb 11, 2021 6:32:38 PM


For many families, the public library has provided a reliable source of reading materials, research and study tools, and entertainment media that are conveniently available for borrowing and enjoying at home. The ease of visiting your local public library, searching the available catalog via computer, or simply perusing is a comfort many have been forced to forgo amidst concerns brought about because of the coronavirus pandemic.

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100M Packages

Posted by Luxer One
on Feb 9, 2021 1:32:15 PM

It’s official. We’ve become the first smart locker system to have 100M deliveries. Yes, you read that right. ONE. HUNDRED. MILLION. DELIVERIES



First off, we couldn’t have done it without our fabulous team. (I’d name each and every ONE of you, but I’m trying to watch my word count on this one.)

In all seriousness though, this is a BIG achievement for all of us here at Luxer One. And not just because we’ve helped countless online shoppers securely receive their amazon/ebay/Esty/Wish orders – yes we did in fact do that - but our lockers also played a MUCH bigger role in 2020.

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ROI of Order Pickup Smart Lockers at Big Box Retailer

Posted by Luxer One
on Oct 21, 2020 12:08:22 PM

A significant percentage of today’s would-be retail customers are reluctant to go to their favorite store due

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UPS Store to Recoup Investment in Smart Lockers

Posted by Luxer One
on Jun 10, 2020 5:01:16 PM


Tennessee University partnership with UPS Store is promising evidence that students are amendable to paying monthly fees for package-delivery to safe and secure on-site smart lockers.


Belmont University and UPS Will Recoup Investment in Less Than Three Years with Luxer One Lockers


With more than 10 billion packages delivered in the U.S. annually by the top package carriers, smart package lockers have become one of the fastest-growing amenities among universities and other schools with on-campus housing. Already fully integrated into non-academic residential settings, the density of student dormitories makes multi-unit smart lockers an essential service. They eliminate extra labor, theft, and are completely contactless, benefiting student and staff health.

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Contactless Delivery Kept Rochester Students Learning

Posted by Luxer One
on May 29, 2020 4:08:53 PM


School districts across the United States are being required to adapt and change to serve their student populations while they shelter at home. For Rochester City School District in New York, that not only means maintaining daily lessons, but also distributing thousands of laptop computers to students and teachers for homeschooling and supporting the demanding technology needs of a 23,000 student school district. The idea of continuing these students’ education without being in class seemed like an impossible challenge.

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COVID-19 update from the CEO of Luxer One

Posted by Luxer One
on Mar 26, 2020 3:01:59 PM

CEO Covid

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Luxer One "Returns" to NRF Big Show

Posted by Luxer One
on Jan 24, 2020 8:55:18 AM


Between January 12-14 2020, our team joined thousands of attendees at one of the biggest retail events of the year: NRF Big Show 2020. What a great way to kick off the new year! This year's conference took place in New York City, where we spent three jam-packed days attending sessions, holding one-on-one meetings, hearing incredible speakers, and meeting hundreds of fellow attendees at the Luxer One booth.


Read on for a recap of the event including our revolutionary solution for returns using our BOPIS lockers.


If you didn’t have a chance to meet us at the show, we’d still love to connect with you! Reach out to a team member here, and look out for us at NRF Big Show next year.

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Luxer One Celebrates 50 Million Packages Delivered

Posted by Luxer One
on Dec 25, 2019 9:47:30 AM

50. Million. Packages. 


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Luxer Lockers Now Available At The Home Depot

Posted by Luxer One
on Dec 16, 2019 9:03:22 AM


Starting today, you can purchase Luxer Lockers directly from your local Home Depot store. Luxer Lockers are a commonly requested amenity in multifamily residences to accommodate package delivery from online shopping. These lockers give residents peace of mind that their packages will be kept safe and secure, especially in the face of rising package theft incidents. In this article, we review common use cases for Luxer Lockers and share all of the information you need to order your own system from The Home Depot. 


Luxer One provides smart locker solutions for multifamily, university, office and retail. Want to learn more? Download our specifications sheet here. 

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The Package Aftermath of a $7.4 Billion Black Friday

Posted by Luxer One
on Dec 11, 2019 9:59:50 AM

Following a trend that has lasted more than a decade and shows no sign of slowing down, holiday shopping online has hit record highs this year - as brick-and-mortar sales continue to decline. This affects property managers at multifamily residences, as well as shoppers waiting for their holiday gifts to arrive.


By accepting over 48 million packages this year, we've learned a lot. We want to shed some light on how these increasing numbers affect the world of package delivery, and prepare everyone on what's yet to come for the rest of December. In this article, we cover four shocking statistics on online shopping, package deliveries, and Luxer One for the holiday season of 2019.


Smart locker systems like Luxer One can help you beat the holiday package blues. Reach out to a team member anytime to learn more. 

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